The Arc Furnace is an electric machine that smelts metal ore into ingots with a by-product,

Uses Edit

This Furnace will take any ore and smelt it into refined iron ingots that can be used in place of any Metal Ingot requirement, this also produces the by-product metallic slag that eventually have a use in being able to be formed into artificial silica pearls to give the price of the machine justification.

Crafting Edit

Currently all machines are made with the Tier 1 Crafting Table, this will be changed once the upgraded tabled become available.

Notes Edit

  • The Arc Furnace produces a lot of heat, it will have an electric partial effect in future revisions.
  • It is a metal structure, only explosives will damage it.
  • its a large structure, it requires a 3x3x3 structure to cover it.
  • Metallic slag is produced 1:1 at the moment this may change in the future.