The Macerator is an electric machine that processes metal into other products for further refining

Uses Edit

This is an intermediary machine that sits between Metal Ore and Metal Ingot by grinding ore into dust.

Putting Metal Ore into the machine while powered will slowly produce 2x the amount of metal into dust which can be used in place of Metal Ore for ingots essentially doubling production at the expense of a large investment.

The Macerator currently grinds only Metal Ore into dust for processing into metal ingots, this may change depending on what other resources become available.

Crafting Edit

Currently all machines are made with the Tier 1 Crafting Table, this will be changed once the upgraded tabled become available.

Notes Edit

  • The Macerator is noisy and can be detected from close range.
  • It is a metal structure, only explosives will damage it.
  • its a large structure, it requires a 2x2x3 structure to cover it.
  • currently the on and off textures are not implemented so the screen looks permanently on.