The Saw Mill is a (Currently) steam powered crafter that is capable of refining raw wood

Uses Edit

The Saw Mill once powered with charcoal will cut raw wood into refined wooden planks, at a rate of 3:5 so for every three wood you put in it, it will produce 5 wood as well as 1 sawdust as a by-product that will have a future use.

Crafting Edit

Currently all machines are made with the Tier 1 Crafting Table, this will be changed once the upgraded tabled become available.

Notes Edit

  • Produces Refined Wooden Planks that can be used in any item requiring wood
  • It is a wooden structure, melee weapons will damage it.
  • its a large structure, it requires a 2x1x2 structure to cover it.
  • Saw Dust is the by-product of refining raw wood into planks
  • currently doesn't require a water source even though stated.